Fight Night Fridays (also known as "Night Fight") is the first episode on season one of the animated series, Risky Frizz. The episode aired on Kingson on April 6, 1999. It was written and directed by Son of Hat and was watched by 1.9 million viewers.


Risky Dingo awakes early in the morning during after a tough day. He must prevent Mean Bean from freezing the whole city with his new invention: The Timestop 300. However, Risky also tries to stay awake during the fight.


The episode begins with Risky Dingo, Sharkbowl, and Plate Girl arriving to the Risky Frizz. Co Tower. Everyone is tired from the day's activities. Flashbacks show the gang having to save the city from multiple villains, saving animals (including cows) from trees, judging at a pie eating contest, and standing still to take portraits.

Risky, the most tired of the three falls down and begins to roll his way upstairs, running over Spoon and Fork.

Risky goes to bed, and yells: "Shut up, go to sleep!" to the entire city, causing it to become quiet. Risky's eyes close, and as they are fading, he sees a strange shadow that tells him: "Sweet dreams...". The strange shadow reaches under Risky's pillow and pulls out a hand full of Risky's insomniac relief pills, and tiptoes outside.

It's two hours later. Risky is irritatingly tossing and turning in his covers. He wakes up excitingly and realizes that someone was in his room. However, his mind tells him that it was probably nothing, and that he should take some more insomnia relief pills. He is then surprised that all his pills have been taken, and then notices a note on his pillow, with the initials, M.B on them. Risky notices who might've been in his room. His arch enemy, Mean Bean.

Risky forces himself out of bed in a tired and lazily attitude. He goes to each of the heroes bedrooms, but is given the same reply by them: "Do it yourself ya bum!". The tired Risky jumps out the window, falling on the hard concrete, realizing he's too tired to fly. He decides to take the bus, but it is snatched up by a pterodactyl for some reason. Now he must walk to Mean Bean's lair.

Our hero reaches the city part of town, where he begins to feel scared and nervous due to strange people staring at him. He bumps into a gang member who rallies up his boys to chase down Risky, into an alley. In the alley, Risky finds a bed, and ignores his mission only to fall asleep. However, the bed transforms into a robotic cage, which flies up to a tall building. Mean Bean's building.