Risky Frizz: Space Ninja Fire Squad: Movie Ultra Sequel 2 also known as The Risky Frizz Movie 2,  is an upcoming  2016 American animated comedy-action movie based on the Kingson  television series, Risky Frizz . The film was directed by series creator That Guy in the hat , and stars the regular television cast. The plot follows the gang accidentaly uncovering a secret room underneath the Frizz Tower. They discover a map which leads to Cairo . They soon release a portal, which causes a new "Age of Weirdness" to set on Earth. Now, not only they must change it back to normal, but they also must defeat a new villain portrayed as Miguel Ferrer

The film was a box-office success, grossing over $150 million with a $32 million budget, and received generally positive reviews from critics.


The movie centers around Risky Dingo—A Soda bottle who grants the powers of electricity, Sharkbowl—A water bottle who has aquatic abillities, Plate Girl—A plate that can set things on fire, and Fate Kid— a human with multiple powers are just the average city heoes in Colorado City, Florida. One day, Risky finds a strange map which leads to a pyrimid in Egypt. The gang arrive at the pyrimid and accidentally open a portal. The portal awakens a storm cloud of weirdness which threatens to consume the planet. The gang must close the portal, but first, they must stop a cosmic Demon from killing them. 

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Cast and crew

Voice cast

  • BaconMahBoi as Risky Dingo
  • Justin Roiland as Sharkbowl
  • Tara Strong as Plate Girl
  • Peter Capaldi as Fate Kid
  • Son of Hat as Travis Scaper