Risky Frizz: The Epic Prequel is a one hour Television special for Risky Frizz, that aired on Kingson on April 15, 2010. It was written by Son of hat, and BaconMahBoi. It had a viewing rate of 4.521 million, a record for Risky Frizz episodes of 2010.


How did Risky, Sharkbowl, and Plate Girl meet each other? WHta was their first battle with any villain? How did Risky and his friends get the powers? Edgy and kinky secrets will be revealed. Narrated by Risky.


The episode begins at Town hall. A reunion is being held, and every past bad guy, hero, and other character are having a good time. Risky is however sitting on the steps, looking depressed. Out of all the partygoers, Plate Girl notices her friend. She sits next to him, wondering what's wrong with him. Risky explains that out of all the guests in the party, his dad (who was kidnapped by the galactic police) hasn't shown up. Plate Girls tells her friend to think of the good memories he always has. Everyone else gathers around Risky, waiting to hear him tell a memory. Risky, in a cheerful mood decides to tell everyone the story of how him, Sharkbowl, and Plate Girl met.

How Did they meet?