The Forgotten Battle was a one hundred year-old war that has been cut off from history due to unknown reasons. The battle involved the chaos sent by the Spirimali, of Infinitium, who raged battle against the mortals if the universe, as well as the cherubs. This has shaped the history of the present day in the series Risky Frizz.


During the years of unknown, the great immortal entity known as Azathoth was in charge of the shaping of Хуркайӑк ҫулӗ (the milky way). It helped take care of the galaxy by shunning any evilness that threatens it into a realm of darkness known as, Tenebris, in which there was no escape. However, due to a large amount of evil defeating, Azathoth decided to extract part of his body to create a new, celestial being. He named her Infinitum, and used her to help him rid all evil. Infinitum became jealous after her creator created more beings which included: Dahl, Cthulhu, Draco, etc. Because of this, Infinitum decided to mess up Azathoth's plans. She killed innocent humans on Earth, destroyed full planets, and even sent one of Azathoth's creations into Tenebris. Finally noticing what Infinitum had done, Azathoth planned on erasing Infinitum of her existence. However, overhearing this, Draco told Infinitum this, and the two created their own army by freeing every being from Tenebris and to destroy the galaxy. Infinitum created demons (including Travis Scaper) onto Earth. Draco sacrificed his entire existence only to give his powers to make Infinitum more destructive. This was the final straw.Azathoth ran out of ideas. Except, one of the few creations, Mr. Dahl invented something so powerful enough to defeat Infinitum. Dank memes. It took 99 years of violence in order to end Infinitum, and send her into Tenebris. All her powers were formed into the hat that Travis Scaper wears. Infinitum has appeared in many hallucinations. She always temps anyone to free her by stealing the hat.