Vanessa is a minor character in Risky Frizz. She has debuted in episode 28, Into the Forest. She has a secret crush on Sharkbowl, and hates Risky, and Plate girl for spending more time with Sharkbowl then she does. She is a green owl

Episode Appearances and roles

* Into the Forest (Debut) (Major character)

* Puberty (Major character)

* Attack of the Emos (minor character)

* Tales of Travis (secondary character)

* My way, or the highway (major character)

* Spectrum (secondary character)

* Peanuts (minor character)

* Mayor Jon in da house (Cameo)

* The Risky Dingo Game (recurring character)

* Lost Lindsay (major character)

* The Enhanced Menu (major character)

* I grant you, 10 WISHES! (secondary character)

* The monster of the mansion (minor character)

* Re- Lenni Face (Final Appearance) (secondary character)