When Bananas Banana is the sixth episode on season one of the animated series, Risky Frizz. The episode aired on Kingson on May 11, 1999. It was written and directed by BaconMahBoi and was watched by 0.89 million viewers.


A stream of airwaves into another dimension causes a race of bananas to feel threatened. They then head to wipe out where the waves were coming from, which is Earth.




  • Banana: We will seek our revenge! We will destroy your race and then go out to eat.. YOU! You will never stop our plan! You will never stop us! You will never stop- (Is picked up then eaten by Risky Dingo)


  • First episode written completely by BaconMahBoi.
  • Also the first episode directed by him. He returns to direct in The Donut of Death and has currently directed around 30% of the episodes.